VI Coaching 中文(formerly known as VI Talk中文) weekly online tutorial session which teaches the community in VI App to grow their investment portfolio as well as discuss the latest investment topics and case studies. Attendees can also take this opportunity to ask the coaches questions about investment and VI App.

Who can attend this?

This session is available to all VI App's registered users.

When does it happen?

Every Thursday, 7:30pm (SG Time)

How to access?

Enter @vi中文social bubble into the search bar in VI App and search for a post that contains an event link to register. This link is usually posted 1 to 2 days before the coaching session to limit the number of students for each session, so everyone can learn more optimally and have the best experience.

This session is conducted in Mandarin. Should you wish to attend the English session, you may find out more under weekly VI Coaching.

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