Current programmes and courses offered by VI College include:

VI Bootcamp (VIB) - Special / International / Full Edition

An investment programme designed to impart fundamental knowledge in value investing with hands-on practical learning to build your financial portfolio through intelligent stock investments and passive income.

VI Challenge

Make your first (or next) investment with total confidence and clarity

Pelabur Jutawan Syariah (PJS)

Value investing programme with a Shariah-compliant perspective and focus.

ReWealth (RW)

Called “the most important financial class you will ever attend”; you deserve to lead a life of financial abundance and joy, and it will not happen unless you choose to fix your wealth container today.

Infinite Wealth (IW)

A holistic personal development and mentoring program - from business strategies, stock investing, healthy living to personal relationships.

Value Investing Option Strategy (VI OS+)

Learn the mechanics of an option contract and how it behaves. Use it to complement your value investing strategy by amplifying your returns and at the same time reduce your risks.


Learn the REITs analysis framework, different types of REITs. What are the characteristics and key things to look out for to protect your investment not just focus on Dividend returns but also on Capital Gain.

VI Summit    

Since 2012, VI Summit is the largest gathering of value investors in Asia which features renowned investors and fund managers, as well as some of the best investing minds around the world.


Learn from the world's best on cutting edge concepts, successful use cases, upcoming possibilities and more. Get first-hand knowledge from world's top blockchain, NFT, Crypto and Metaverse experts.

Crypto Masterclass

Learn technical analysis for day trading and swing trading crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alt coins). How to set up your charts so you can use indicators to make more specific moves, and how to spot the optimal price to enter the trade for short, medium and long-term basis.

NFT Creation Lab

Discover how to create, mint, and sell your very own business NFT. Exclusive access to NFT artists, investors and coaches to get feedback on your project.

Metaverse Foundation Programme

Learn about the current Metaverse Trend, how to access and invest in the space. Understand how you can tap into the virtual space to make connections, help with your businesses and more.


Learn the art of raising cash, and understand how to attain cashflow from Co-Living. What does it mean to do Co-Living, and how is it different from AirBNB. 

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